lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Placeado en la plaza me llegó la disertación

¿De qué puedo quejarme?
Si para empezar, existo,
y no me pierdo estos recuerdos
inherentes a la vida,
que por más que esté podrida
bien podría -sin ser-
jamás haberlos visto.
Si visto y calzo y no me faltan
ni me sobran cromosomas.
Si mi lucidez se asoma
aunque el mundo se desploma,
se derrumba hacia la tumba,
en cada zona, cada bioma,
cada letra, cada punto,
cada coma, cada axioma,
catolicismo de roma,
asesinos pro mahoma,
demagogia lo que doma
y yo que sin embargo
¿Pa´qué quejarme
de quien se queja y no actúa,
mientras el varo fluctúa
y varo es lo que todos quieren?
Si es democracia lo que impera
en esta esfera,
si pa que un mediocre mande
primero ha de ser votado,
si el estado es resultado
del mestizo emancipado
y como el pueblo es quien gobierna
a mí ya no me consterna
ni el presente, ni el futuro, ni el pasado.
Si cuando la voz del pueblo se alza
se emite solo silencio
y se percibe más silencio...

Y en eso, me levanté de la banquita y me vine a la casa.


domingo, 27 de febrero de 2011

Inglish piquinglish

Me as a leader.

First of all, what´s a leader? And second of all, am I a leader? I like to check out the words definition, and here it is:

•    1 the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. "

So, what kind of group, or organization, or country is commanded by me? No one. That means that I´m not a leader? From a strict point of view, and according to the definition, I´m not. But for real, am I a leader? I don´t like to sound optimist, because anybody can. It´s quite simple to say that I am one because the generality of people could respect my point of view and that they take it on count, but that means nothing. The fact that I can see things that others can´t doesn´t mean that I´m one, neither a good one, or not? How can I know if I´m a leader knowing that first of all I can´t lead myself, being a slave of my own person, a slave of my own acts, and maybe the fact that nobody will notice something like the last phrase, turns it ridiculous, but for real, I don´t mind, and maybe that´s the “why?” of my “leadership”. The fact that I express myself as I want when I want, being coherent. Disgracefully I can´t manage that virtue just as I want every time, but I try to, and maybe behind that try is where the leading lies. I think that being a leader is easy, it´s matter of having money, or a position, or fame. There are people that born with those characteristics, and the subordinates give´em the leadership just because of that. I got no money, nor fame, nor position, and I don´t think myself as leader, I´m just a person. But I have heard external references who say that I can even be president of this country, but if people like Vicente Fox or Felipe Calderón achieved that, anybody could… I think I have a trouble among the “leader” and “good leader” concepts. What does the leadership means if it´s a bad one? I think that it represents stupidity. If our country have a bad leader, it represents a stupid democracy, and we all know that democracy means something like “people government” so a bad president implies stupid people. What´s the deal of being a stupid leader of stupid subordinates? A bad leadership implies just bad things at all. And I don’t want that for me. If I say that I´m a leader, which importance it haves? Anybody can. When someone else say that I´m a leader is when it takes real importance, and I have heard it, but I don´t realize me as one, or maybe I do, but why? Or why not? What am I supposed to write in this essay? Something like: “I´m a leader because my mother says.” Or much like  “I´m a leader not because I think that I´m one, not because I could be one, but because I know that I´m one, and not just one, I´m the best…”? I really don’t like that motivational senseless stuff, which brings to my mind a bad experience.  A puerile congress named “Selider” here in Saltillo where the high school leaders are supposed to be. I was there, and I have to say that it was emetic, maybe because I lost the opportunity of going to a national congress of the same subject matter (which now I think stinks), but mostly because now I know the people that was there, and the majority is just the opposite of the “leader” word, or maybe they are leaders, I don’t know, but what I know is that they are not good ones, because of their tiny prudence, with some respectful exceptions.
I know the aspects in which I´m not a leader. In my classroom, my voice represents anything when I beg for silence. In my house I can´t have my hair cropped because my authorities rather a gay haircut like this, because crop is synonym of “drug addict”. In my city, as in my country, as in my world, I´m not even known by the mean. I have lost all my last basketball games, the important ones. When I execute rapping skills, there are who say, “You didn´t transmitted a thing”. The principal says that I´m a non cause rebel. My classmates said that I make them sick, literally. God´s describe me in Corinthians 6:9-10 and I feel guilty about the eleventh. I can´t manage my own feelings, my actions, my thoughts. My cousin just exclaim “andas mal” if I reveal him my ideas. My grandmother just wants me to take up my pants. My grades are mediocre. I´m afraid of a bad grade in this essay because of my writing style (which I´m proud of) and that makes me feel leadership-less. I have to wait 20 minutes in the line of the cafeteria as anyone does in order to eat the same mediocre lunch of which I can´t do anything but eat. I have didn´t studied neither calculus nor leadership yet and it is 8 o´clock. In that dumb congress I wasn´t the “leader” who represented my city. It turns impossible to me being punctual at the morning. The fact that I know that I´m superior in several areas to some people, does not means that I´m a leader. That makes me selfish, superb and arrogant, and a leader is not like that, right? At least not a good one, I guess. I like to express myself and that´s how I feel now and in the generality of the time, sometimes. I´m conscious that I am not a good human, neither a good leader. But I believe in one who was/is/will be simply perfect, and that redeems me.
                                                                                                      Am I a leader? I really don’t think so.

Tarea de esas materias de relleno, sí, en inglés.


Blueprint - Radio Inactive


It's my time I'm 'bout to blow
You slept first, but now you know
The rap game, a thousand clones
Arguing about their clothes
I used to chill at my home
Now I’m all about the road
Movin lockin down the shows
Hit the tele, count the dough
Shake hands, make plans, rent vans, make fans, god damn
This is how a little boy became a man
You want the fame and all the riches
Big name model bitches
But you don’t want to hustle twice as hard to try to get it
You gotta a lot to whine about
While you talking, wild n out
I’m posted outside the club
Workin passin flyers out
What’s Prints life about?
The same thing I rhyme about
Make good music and give my fans something to smile about
You outta try it out
We like to call it honesty, its the best policy
The reason why they follow me
My reputation precedes me
The rap game needs me
Cause I do the impossible, but I make it look easy
Now all the underdogs wanna take shots at my figure
Cause I’m eatin real big and didn’t invite them to dinner
You wasn’t there when I put it in the oven
So when its time to break bread cousin, don’t ask me for nothin
Everybody got a rhyme, if not a rhyme they gotta beat
If not ki's of cocaine
They all packin heat
So what they really tellin me, when they ain’t outsellin me
And everything they say and do is fueled by their jealousy
I know you're tryin to politic
And I'm only involved with it
So you can get in the game, take the ball and then run with it
They tried to hit me with the same thing that you fell for
"Make it more commercial Print, you probably would sell more"
But I’m eating now, so I’m like "what the hell for?"
Tellin me to change only makes me rebel more
But radio don’t want that, print don’t fit the format
Tell dude to change it up, and maybe he can come back
I made this in my basement, when you wasn’t even there
To express my feelings, not to be played on the air
So am I wrong or secure if I really don’t care
If this ever turns into something that anybody hears
Man I’m an artist, these other dudes shook
I write my album on my sidekick, no paper, no notebooks
Then rhyme for five minutes straight with no brakes and no hooks
No punch-lines, no similes, so I'm easy to overlook

I’ve been around in every single era and I'm still the man
And while I may not get the same hype as the next man
Everything in my life is going according to his plan
So thank god for every fan, every single listener
Who told me to make the art, you don't gotta switch it up
You put it out, we'll pick it up. Do you, stay strong
You're the main reason we don’t turn our radios on

Yeah joms.

viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

Es absurdo

De momento tengo 18, y nulidad del sueño. De momento me dio por inmortalizar el momento, inmortalizar este instante que no volverá a repetirse si no es que ya dejó de ser. Y sí, ya dejó de ser. De momento vivo otro momento, vivo otra de esas unidades mínimas que conforman un instante, de esas tan pequeñas que no tendría sentido siquiera tomar en cuenta como yo hago ahorita. Y ahora, la inevitable hipótesis del que sufre insomnio y sin quehacer: "Un instante está eternamente distante y separado del instante próximo." Este instante, este segundo a la menos infinito, está aun más lejos del instante en que recordaré que un día escribí esto cuando tenga 89 años, y no obstante me seguirá pareciendo que fue ayer. El ayer está a una distancia sencillamente imposible de cuantear (¿existe ese verbo?), pues nadie nunca llegará al mismo, al igual que nadie nunca llegará a este preciso instante. Son distancias incuanteables las que recorremos segundo a segundo, y no es algo en lo que nos pongamos a pensar. La vida terrena se esfuma. Se nos escapa momento a momento. [En aras de volver sencillo el ejercicio me daré el lujo de postular y nombrar oficialmente a la unidad mínima e indivisible de tiempo como: "Absurdo". Tomemos en cuenta que la cantdad de "absurdos" que hay en un segundo es absurda. Absurda en el sentido de que el número es simplemente infinito, y más que eso -y ya entrados en postulados- inprincipio (o sea, sin principio). Suponiendo que un "instante" represente una centésima de segundo, no erremos pensando que por consiguiente hay 100 veces menos "absurdos" en un instante que en un segundo... ¡Oh no! En el nivel de desvelo, aburrimiento e imperturbabilidad en el que me encuentro, tal vez -y sólo tal vez- hay más "absurdos" en un "instante" que en un "segundo". ¿Quién osaría negármelo?] Se nos va absurdo a absurdo absurdamente lejanos, y que no por eso dejaron de ocurrir hace menos de un segundo, negroe. Esto de existir está bien pasado de lanza. Esto de ser está más que fumado. Es también algo innegable, lo único que me dejó la película de "What the bleep do we know?" fue un malestar glúteo de tanto estar sentado. Tan cierto como que si ahorita voy y le parto el hocico a alguien va a sangrar, tan cierto como que es más probable que el otro vato me lo parta a mí. Existimos. Aún y cuando muchos dudan existir muchos también lanzan el grito de que hay cosas inverosímiles que existen y otras que no. Si de escepticismo absoluto se va a tratar, pues todo es puro pedo, incluyendo de paso al pedo. Pa qué ir a la escuela o para qué comer si todo es mero invento de mi cerebro, y de paso el cerebro. Nada es real, todo es falso y ni lo falso existe. Es más, el idioma es un truco del yo para así pensar en la realidad y que la realidad es real, pero yo ni loco caigo en esos juegos ¡¿Eh?! O si de crédulos se trata, pues en corto vámonos a las dunas de Cuatrociénegas, me cae que nos hallamos la lámpara de Aladino, es más, ahorita si le busco leve en el patio, me encuentro las esferas del dragón, las del plantea Namecuseín, en una de esas llega un marciano trepado en un EBANI invitándome a su OVNI para irnos al otro lado de la dimensión y así darme color de que sí hay unicornios y dragones cuya dieta se basa en sopas instantáneas en el mundo, nomás que no queremos verlos, y de que en efecto, Felipe Calderón es nuestro presidente electo y que con balas suprimirá los balazos, nomás que hay que aguantar carnal, tú calmado... El tiempo se escurre, y la neta lo más real pasa a ser bastante ficticio. Cosas tan sencillas como ser, pasan a ser lo más extraño y complicado, y ante eso, hay quien sentencia "Sólo existe el aquí y ahora", siendo que el aquí y ahora es incluso más utópico que una eternidad de vuelta al concepto, loco. De vuelta al origen, al lado de Quien nos creó.
Tesis + Antítesis = Resultante. Y la mía se llama Cristo, en Él, toda esta basura carente de sentido, lo toma.